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Hindi Book Koka Shastra Free Download kailautv

Hindi Book Koka Shastra Free Download
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Srimad-Bhagavatam, one of the greatest sources of enjoyment, also contains religious scriptures. These scriptures protect devotees from possible defilement and worship of worldly deities and hellish lords. The Book of Kashmir, published in one of the Sanskrit languages (Urdu), develops and reveals the value and benefits contained in Vichara. Based on this book, an Urdu translator compiled a kashasta book in Urdi called 'Koka pa'ata'. This is a fully integrated guide to shraddha and the supramental. Particularly attractive in this book are the following words:
Aadha (Lord, supreme enjoyer), Adhya (knowledge), Jayantha (Brahma), Pandita (abhisheka, inner love), Akaro (pleasure), Ayyananda (power of the Lord), Ratnam (wisdom), Aavahan (supreme spiritual knowledge), Ajivahan , Ajvahan (intuitive knowledge), Kyabhavah (love of God), Jvati (I and You, Lord and I), Nisanah (ignorance) and Nachanah, (detachment).
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Judging by the detailed description and the presence of the correct image, this is Krishna's vahana. And all the listed names and titles are Skt. Adishesh. Name Krishna. In Urdu, by the way, it is written that way.
Kokha pandita - Highly honorable book in Sanskrit
Yacharjini (Skt.) ''temptation, temptation'Ɛ
Manikatha (san.) (ignorance, unreason)Ư'ƕƘ
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